Please Join us for the opening reception of

“Faces I Saw” by Martha O’Neill of Flowers I Squished

Opening Reception: Thursday June 13th 6-9pm
Flower Pressing Workshop: July 28th 3-5pm
Closing Reception: Thursday August 22nd 6-9pm

Phenology – noun
phe·nol·o·gy | \ fi-ˈnä-lə-jē
1: the study of phenomena or happenings as it is applied to the recording and study of the dates of recurrent natural events (such as the flowering of a plant or the first or last appearance of a migrant bird) in relation to seasonal climatic changes.

Martha’s pressed botanicals are a study of the phenology of Philadelphia’s plant life while also exploring whimsical meadowscapes, texture and color. Martha is an herb and flower farmer. The plants in her work are grown by her or collected in and around Philadelphia.

Sunday July 28th 3-5pm
Raindate August 4th 3-5pm
Make your own pressed flowers with Martha O’Neill from Flowers I Squished. This is a nice way to preserve memories from your garden or foraging for journals, greeting cards, artifacts or gifts. We’ll learn basic how to’s and get hands-on pressing fresh flowers and making a greeting card to take home. Flowers and supplies are included but please bring a heavy book for pressing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own flowers and leaves too.

Workshop fee is $15 and payment can be made through paypal.
Send to flowersisquished@gmail.com.

This workshop is scheduled to be held in the outdoor courtyard space behind the tea room and has a rain date scheduled for the following week, if needed.