Black Teas of Sri Lanka & Assam

These are fully oxidized teas, among the most highly-caffeinated and full-bodied within the tea spectrum. Black teas from Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) and the north Indian state of Assam are particularly well suited to the addition of milk and/or sugar. However, owing to the quality of our rotating selection of these single-estate teas, it is worth first tasting them on their own.

Kenilworth Ceylon – This brisk, full-bodied classic hails from the mountains of Sri Lanka – formerly Ceylon, hence the name of all tea grown there. Kenilworth tea is known around the world for its full bodied strong liquor and is considered to be the hallmark of Ceylon medium grown teas.

Pot: 7         Large Cup: 3.50/ Small (to-go only): 3.25     Loose: 3.25/oz

Gingia Assam  – The full-bodied, malty quality of Assam is often the backbone of popular European blends such as English Breakfast. Our Assam is a hearty robust brew, yet exhibits a mellow, woodsy character with a comforting, malty finish. 

Pot: 6.75     Large Cup: 3.50/ Small (to-go only): 3.25     Loose: 3/oz     Bottomless: 8

Spiced Assam – An exotic, aromatic brew composed of Harmutty Estate Assam blended with green cardamom seed, cinnamon, clove, star anise, black pepper and fresh ginger. (This house blend is similar to the mixture used as the basis of flavor for our Chai Masala.)

Pot: 9     Large Cup: 4.50/ Small (to-go only): 4.25        Loose: 5.50/oz