Chinese Greens

White Monkey King * – Our House Chinese Green is as crisp as a snow pea. The dry leaf is green and white, exhibiting its high tip content, while the liquor comes out to a hue of canary yellow. 

Pot: 7.75     Large Cup: 4/ Small (to-go only): 3.75     Loose: 3.75/oz

Lung Ching * – Or “Dragonwell” is one of the most popular and famous of all the styles of Chinese Green Tea. The dry leaves appear to be little flat blades of grass and the flavor is reminiscent of chestnuts.

Pot: 9.50     Large Cup: 5.25/ Small (to-go only): 5     Loose: 10/oz

Pi Lo Chun – An incredible find from the venerated Fujian province, Pi Lo Chun translates into “Green Snail Spring” and is one of the highest forms of Chinese Green Tea. To smell the dried leaf of this tea is to inhale the first yawns of spring. Soft, delicate and slightly sweet with a characteristic note of yellow plum — this is a perfect tea to restore the spirit during late morning or afternoon. Like a fine wine, Pi Lo Chun should always be savored on its own.

Pot: 8       Large Cup: 4/ Small (to-go only): 3.75     Loose: 5/oz

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls – The Queen of Jasmine. Each ball or “pearl” of tea buds is individually hand-rolled! The perfect touch of only the finest Jasmine essence will send your senses reeling. An ethereal delight.

Pot: 9     Large Cup: 4.75/ Small (to-go only): 4.50     Loose: 5.75/oz

Jasmine Dragon Tail – A stunning “display tea.” Hand-tied with silk, a bundle of jasmine infused white tea buds yields a blossoming pink globe amaranth flower upon steeping. Served in a glass pot for your viewing pleasure!

Pot: 8     Loose: 7.75/oz