Known across the Tea World as “The Champagne of Tea,” the town of Darjeeling lies in the Himalayan foothills of the northern Indian state of West Bengal and is the namesake of all the tea grown in the area. Teas from the Darjeeling district are unique in flavor and processing because they are derived from Chinese tea plant varietals (and later, hybrids) that were first planted there at the behest of the British in the mid-19th century.

Spring Flush Darjeeling – First (or Spring) Flush Darjeelings are some of the most elegant and exciting teas in the world — there simply is nothing else like them. They are routinely revered for their floral, vegetal and muscatel grape flavor profiles this bouquet of flavors holds true to its origins of a pristine Himalayan tea garden, yet also evokes memories of the forest on a glittering spring day. Like a fine wine, this tea should always be savored on its own.

Pot: 8.75    Large Cup: 4.75/ Small (to-go only): 4.50     Loose: 6.25/oz

Summer Flush Darjeeling – The flavour of the tea is mature in comparison to the First Flush. In taste it has a complex layer of maltiness with musk and nutty undertones. Perfect in the morning or afternoon, this tea can stand up to milk or sugar, but we recommend first trying it on its own to fully appreciate its quality and complexity.

Pot: 7     Large Cup: 3.75/ Small (to-go only): 3.50     Loose: 4.25/oz