House Blended Specialties

 4th St. Breakfast – A house-blended tea composed of the trinity of our House Ceylon, Harmutty Estate Assam and Organic South Cloud Chinese Red Tea.

Pot: 8.50     Large Cup: 4.50/ Small (to-go only): 4.25     Loose: 5.25/oz

Chai Masala – Our very own, made every morning from scratch with love and devotion – no concentrate here! Hand-ground spices harmonize with Mapelhofe Farms whole milk, Harmutty Assam, fresh ginger, brown sugar, vanilla & rose water.  There’s nothing quite like it!

Pot: 11.50     Large Cup: 6/ Small (to-go only): 5.50    Boo: 3

Vegan Chai – Our Chai Base (Spiced Assam) All done up, but without the dairy. Expect all the fixin’s: Rose Water, Vanilla, Almond Milk and a lil bit-o-sweet.

Pot: 10     Large Cup: 5.00/ Small (to-go only): 4.50

Spiced Assam – Harmutty Estate Assam blended with green cardamom, cinnamon, clove, star anise, black pepper and fresh ginger. (This blend is very similar to base of flavor for our Chai Masala.)

Pot: 9     Large Cup: 4.50/ Small (to-go only): 4.25     Loose: 4.75/oz

Moroccan Mint * – The favorite style of tea among many across Morocco and its neighbors, our version employs dried peppermint, Gunpowder green tea and demerara  sugar as the base that is poured into glasses stuffed with fresh mint leaves.

Pot: 7.75     Large Cup: 4.25/ Small (to-go only): 4     Loose: 4.50/oz

Sol Glo *  – Get your soul shining with our triple ginger health tonic. Includes turmeric, ginger, galangal, licorice, lemongrass cinnamon, lemon juice, local honey and cayenne. Fantastic iced!

Pot: 8         Large Cup: 3.75/ Small (to-go only): 3.50     Loose: 4/oz

Folkadelphia Roasted Root Blend – A blend of Roasted Mate, Burdock & Dandelion Root with Red Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover Blossom and Mullein. Designed for our friends at the Folkadelphia Recording Studio, helps to perk up, detoxify and sooth the throats of artists recording their magical sounds.

Pot: 7.75     Large Cup: 3.75/ Small (to-go only): 3.50     Loose: 4/oz



( * = Certified Organic )