Scented Teas

Earl Grey Royale  – The House Blended Royale is scented with extra bergamot and is comprised of whole leaf Indian black tea dusted with blue corn flowers for a high quality, intoxicating Earl Grey experience.

Pot: 8.50         Large Cup: 4.25/ Small (to-go only): 4          Loose: 5.25/oz

Earl Grey Honeybush – This aromatic blend was created with the desire to help friends suffering from IBS related issues. Caffeine free honeybush lacks the tannic content of the standard Earl Grey that can irritate the digestive tract. Bergamot, the scent of Earl Grey, has amazing healing properties that benefit the intestines and kidneys as well as many other bodily functions.

Pot: 8        Large Cup: 4.25/ Small (to-go only): 4           Loose: 4/oz

Lapsang Souchong – A pine-smoked Chinese Black Tea. Despite its powerful flavor, Lapsang is lower in caffeine than other black teas.

Pot: 7        Large Cup: 3.75/ Small (to-go only): 3.50     Loose: 3/oz

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls – The Queen of Jasmine. Each ball or “pearl” of tea  is individually hand-rolled! The perfect touch of only the finest Jasmine essence will send your senses reeling. An ethereal delight.

Pot: 9      Large Cup: 4.75/ Small (to-go only): 4.50     Loose: 5.75/oz

Rose Congou Black – A delectable marriage of the floral and earthy. Chinese black tea leaves are infused with rose essence and decorated with rose petals resulting in a harmonious blend exhibiting flavors of tobacco, cedar and of course, rose. This blend can stand up to milk and sugar if desired.

Pot: 8.50    Large Cup: 3.75/ Small (to-go only): 3.50    Loose: 3oz