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RTR Monthly Special


Myrtle Madness in March!

Lemon Myrtle is an incredibly powerful herb, so inspiring that 2 specialty tea blends were created for you!

The leaves of lemon myrtle are rich in essential oil, a terpenoid known as citral. Citral can be used medicinally for multiple maladies. It is this ingredient that gives lemon myrtle it’s distinctive lemon scent and taste and many of its health benefits.

According to the “Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine,” lemon myrtle can help treat sinus infections, bronchitis, fatigue, depression, common cold, influenza, raw throat, indigestion and irritable gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, dental infections, itching, athletes foot, acne and headaches.

Granted, clinical studies are way behind in confirming these uses, but historically it’s been used to fight so much more and we wanted to give you an opportunity to meet each other.
Despite its citrus scent and flavor, lemon myrtle is not acidic, giving it an almost floral quality in the mouth. That is how it pairs so effortlessly in both a green tea and a hibiscus blend.

puckerup Pucker Up Buttercup

An herbal hibiscus blend that was designed to fortify the skin and help brighten the complexion during these winter doldrums. Super tart this mix delivers vitamin A and C with it’s hibiscus base, a dash of calendula, a epidermis soothing flower petal, and as a lovely lemon overtone the myrtle comes in on the top note.

Add a $3 bump of CBD honey to make this a sweet tart treat for soothing relief.


Lemon Drop

A “lemon green tea” sounds so run of the mill until you try it with lemon myrtle. Try Lemon Drop and discover the floral lemon-y bloom alongside lemongrass and gunpowder green tea. The compounds in green tea help to inhibit inflammation while the Myrtle alleviates headaches and inflammation with  powerful nerve soothing lemongrass, this tea is a beneficial daily tonic. Lemon Drop is anti-oxident rich and loaded with inflammation reducing compounds, it could be your new treat to fight against pain and overall stiffness.

We like to add a $3 dash of CBD honey to take it over the top and I like to call that version a “Lemon Drop your shoulders and RELAX!” 

These findings are not reported by the FDA and you should seek a medical professionals help before starting a new health regime.