Tuesday April 28th 6-9pm
Philadelphia Women’s Slavic Ensemble​ are singers of acapella Slavic choir arrangements and folk music. Their music is full of dissonant harmonies, asymmetrical rythms and songs about the perils of young maidenhood in rural Eastern Europe. Listen with us as these maidens of sound, enchant us with their stories.Please join us for this unique event.
Doors at 6pm, performance at 7pm.
Fire Museum Presents: Bhob Rainey  Buck Hammerstein & Clear River Chapaukee  Flandrew Fleisenberg/Connor Przybyszewski
Thursday, April 30th 7-10pm
Bhob Rainey (Philadelphia):Bhob Rainey is an award-winning composer / performer, saxophonist, and sound designer. In 1998, with trumpeter Greg Kelley, he founded the duo Nmperign, which quickly became a model for a new phase of non-idiomatic improvisation often referred to as “lowercase” or “EAI” (Electroacoustic Improvisation). In 2000 he founded The BSC, an improvising large ensemble, in which he developed techniques for an improvisational discipline that were eventually outlined in his 2011 publication, Manual. Throughout the late 1990′s and early 2000′s he performed globally and collaborated with numerous improvisers of both the (then) current and previous generations, including Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann, Günter Müller, Michel Doneda, Lê Quan Ninh, and many others.

By the mid-2000′s, while continuing to work in the realm of improvisation, Rainey began to produce electronic and algorithmic works. He spent five years collaborating with German composer Ralf Wehowsky (RLW) on the 2007 release, I don’t think I can see you tonight, which, along with Nmperign and Jason Lescalleet’s Love Me Two Times (2006), established him as a formidable electronic composer who synthesizes streams of Musique Concréte, computer music, and improvisation.

Throughout his career, Rainey has sought out cross-discipline collaborations, working with dancers, filmmakers, and theater companies. From 2012-2014 he worked with theater company New Paradise Labs to create The Adults, which premiered at the 2014 Philadelphia Fringe Festival to much acclaim. He created the soundtrack to Leah Ross’s 2013 film, Levitate, which premiered that year at the Rooftop Film Festival in New York City, and he performed live in Jungwoong Kim’s and Marion Ramirez’s site-specific dance work, Capsized, at the National Asian American Theater Festival in Philadelphia in 2014. To date, Rainey has over 30 releases as a leader or co-leader.

Buck Hammerstein & Clear River Chapaukee (Berlin/Montreal):

Canadian trumpeter Clear River Chapaukee and French saxophonist Buck Hammerstein met at the New England Conservatory in 2010. Their first duo album “the Goats of Palm Beach” (2012) was followed in 2013 by “Part and Parcel”(Bug Incision Records), in trio with renowned guitarist Joe Morris. With Anthony Coleman’s Survivors Breakfast, they appear on “The End of Summer”, (Tzadik), 2013.They have extensively toured the North-East and Canada, appearing on bills with Bhob Rainey, Peter Evans and Peter Negroponte to name a few.

Buck Hammerstein graduated from a master in Contemporary Improvisation at the New England Conservatory in 2012. He Studied composition and improvisation with Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, and Frank Carlberg. He has been fascinated for many years by the music of Turkey and the Balkans and has had the chance to meet masters such as Manos Achalinotopoulos, Peter Ralchev and Adam Stinga. Has played with Joe Morris, Frank London, Ted Reichman, Asan Rashid, Luther Gray and Slavic Soul Party across the US, Canada, Italy, Germany and Portugal in venues such as The Stone, Issue Project Room, Barbes, Washington DC’S Kennedy Center, Errichetta Festival.

Clear Water Chapaukee was the assistant principal trumpet of the Regina Symphony Orchestra. He resigned in 2009 to pursue studies in improvisation and contemporary composition at the New England Conservatory in Boston. Quickly becoming an important figure in the New-England experimental scene, his time in Boston facilitated projects and performances with many notable improvisers such as Joe Morris, Anthony Coleman, and Ikue Mori. Since 2013 he lives in Montreal, where he continues to play, compose, and lead « Electricity is Magic »’s yearly « compositions by improvisers » residency.

Flandrew Fleisenberg/Connor Przybyszewski (Philadelphia):

flandrew fleisenberg plays percussion on an ever changing assortment of ephemera and modified drum parts coaxing texture and tone both familiar and bizarre. Attentive to room resonance, ambience and collaborator, fleisenberg playfully utilizes sound and presence to explore space, time, and relationships. A graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) with a focus in conceptual art, he is musically self-taught and has developed a cadre of idiosyncratic techniques that are all his own. flandrew has been involved in the improvised and creative music community since 2001 performing solo, in ad-hoc improv groupings, and in set projects. A recent migrant to Philadelphia, fleisenberg is an active producer and advocate of improvised and experimental music and dance across the region.

Connor Przybyszewski is an improvising trombone player known for his work with Sonic Liberation Front/Sonic 8, Space Whale Orchestra and others.

Friday, May 1st 7-10pm
Eric + Erica is a duo making dream pop music with instruments and voices. They began in Oakland, CA, currently live in Durham, NC, and tour all the time. Their music is intimate, and you are invited.“Dream Pop” is the perfect descriptor for Eric + Erica’s sound…The ambient, twinkling aura created by the musicians’ tools of the trade — Eric on piano and Erica strumming an autoharp — warmly embraces Fink’s goosebump-worthy vocals and intimate, bewitching melodies, with Kuhn providing perfectly placed low-register harmonies.”-City Beat
From Philadelphia starring local sweetheart Emily Ana Zeitlyn (The Weeds), uses extreme dynamic and darling melody to whisper to the sadder side of your soul.”
Wild Orphan is a band from West Philadelphia, comprised of Kristen Sylvester and Gregg Might. Working up to music and lyrics that are informed by the band’s evident love for emotional Americana and lead member Kristen Sylvester’s mystical and spiritual leanings, the live performance is an intentional experiment filled with a deep sense of energy and enthusiasm, crossing the boundary of genre and stepping in to the house of vulnerability. Will you come inside? It is our hope that the sounds feel warm in your ears while on the stay or on the go. It is a moniker and mask for storytelling; one of the tools we have discovered for connecting with the world.