‘Digging Deeper is a Plant Medicine Workshop Series located in The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Plants of the Underworld: Root Medicine 10/25 – 11am – 2pm. – $25
Fall is the season when the earth’s energy descends back down into the shadowy world beneath the surface. Below the topsoil and rabbit holes, lies many roots that are powerful medicinals. This workshop will unearth the plant lore, practical applications, harvest methods, and delicious preparations to be made from plants such as ashwagandha, burdock, black cohosh, yellow dock, echinacea, and many more!
Better Bitters: Herbs for Healthy Digestion 11/15 – 11am-2pm – $25
Bloating, cramping, overindulgence, loss of appetite – we’ve got you covered with herbs to support healthy digestion! Learn why gut health and digestion are so very important to our overall happiness and wellbeing and how to harness the power of herbs to support varied stomach sagas, In this workshop, we’ll also be crafting a take-home bitters blend to help beat stomach bloat. We’ve saved a seat at the table just for you!

Sip and Savor: Cordials and Infused Alcohols 12/13 – 11am-2pm – $25

Take your spirits to the next level! In this workshop, we’ll be covering the basics of preparing cordials, infused elixirs, and simple, herb-infused syrups. Learn how to craft a balanced and dynamic blend with various infusions of fruits, herbs, spices, leaves, and roots. Perfect timing for the holiday season happenings!
Happy (re)new year to you! If you’re ready to wipe the metaphorical slate clean and set your intentions toward ringing in a healthful year that affirms your connection to your body, spirit, mind, and the plants – this workshop is for you! We’ll be covering tonic, blood cleansing, and detoxifying herbs that help to support the body’s eliminative function and nourish you deep down! We’ll be learning about making nourishing infusions, healing smoothies, and simple dishes.

BIO: Alyssa Schimmel is an intuitive community herbalist and beginning astrologer working in Philadelphia, who believes in creating healing partnerships between people and plants. She is a two-time graduate of the Grassroots Medicine program at Centro Ashe in Bryans Road, Md., a graduate of The Sky House Yoga Herbal Medicine apprentice program in Silver Spring, Md., where she worked in a by-donation community clinic formulating tinctures, teas, and plant spirit remedies, and a former apprentice at Mountain Gardens, a botanical garden specializing in the largest collection of native Appalachian and Chinese medicinal plants, in Burnsville, NC. She currently works on Sundays at The Random Tea Room and swears by the Sol Glo, and works as an education and outreach intern with The Philadelphia Orchard Project. She enjoys making custom herbal preparations under the brand name Velvet Earth and takes on new clients continually for herbal consultations. She can be reached by email at


Blues and Haikus #4  (with music by Jason Killinger, and poetry by Maryan Captan, Lindo Yes!, Stephanie B., Andrew Galati, and more)

Blues and Haikus is an old reading series that started over 2 years ago, hosted by Marshall James Kavanaugh, featuring the performative works of Philadelphia writers and musicians through interaction. First a poem read aloud, with breathing space for the saxophone, followed by an erotic tryst, and not too long after the percussionist hits the ground. The floor will be open, so feel free to bring something you have recently written, a favorite author, or a jazzy instrument to noodle on. Collaboration is encouraged, but not a pre-requesite. All creative types are welcome including short story writers, poets, dreamers, singers, jazz musicians, guitar heroes, beatnicks, zen lunatics, and bodhisattvas. Kerouac will be there in spirit, and good vibes will be abundant. Hope to see you there!
Maryan Captan
Lindo Yes!
Cory Zoblin
and an opening ritual by Marshall James Kavanaugh, Stephanie B., and Andrew Galati
Jason Killinger (of Spacin’ and Birds of Maya)
doors at 6:30. performances begin at 7pm.
a $5 suggested donation will be collected for featured performers.
MARYAN CAPTAN is a Philly-based performance poet straight out of the Jazz Era. Her writing deals with B-R-E-A-T-H and all those glassy moments reflecting back through these subtle pauses in the form of nights spent with lovers under a glitter of stars as if retelling a dream where her whole family tree plays a part. Whimsical and yet steady each line draws an image in the mind of extraordinary technicolor ambiance, which causes it to stutter stop and stay a little while longer. Besides dream labors of the spoken word she is also an active community organizer responsible for the happenings at The Monkey & The Elephant in Brewerytown, writing workshops with The Head and The Hand Press, and events curated by Brewerytown Social such as Youthquake, a youth-centric empowerment-focused open mic night in the city. She will have copies of a new chapbook, titled “Contra”, available for purchase.
LINDO YES! is a spoken word artist, actor, and emcee born and raised in Philadelphia. He takes the beat of the city streets and turns it from bipolar sunrise to starry throne, paying heed to the wordsmiths that surround and inspire him and assuming their characters to champion their unique stories to be told. Drawing lines out of conversation and gesturing to the hypothetical constructs of love in ideals, Lindo leads a chorus of humbleness in front of his audience taking them beyond their own ordinary experiences. In his own words, he “makes everything living, his canvas” and creates worlds out of those words he spits. When not actively performing, Lindo is busy hosting poetry events around the city including larger gatherings like the annual Germantown Poetry Festival.
CORY ZOBLIN has a voice that Kerouac would appreciate. It’s got to be that North Jersey raw timbre that turns his words into rumbling vibrations of wanders across the country and long night spent behind an old-fashioned typewriter. He’s a teacher too.
MARSHALL JAMES KAVANAUGH, STEPHANIE B., and ANDREW GALATI are three mad poets, each with their own borderline fictions to share of magical adventures abroad. These here his her hips laughing and crying maniacally sublime surreaction like a nuclear core. Imagine the flight of a bird and attach to it the wings of a space shuttle hurtling towards the moon. They’ll stun, saunter, satisfy, and inebriate all good present souls. One with her movement, the other with his ramblings, and the final one with soft chords plucked on the guitar. James Kavanaugh is also your host for the evening, so expect some raising of the dead spirit of Kerouac in some of his more famous haikus. Bee, why you staring at me? I’m not a flower!
JASON KILLINGER is probably best known for his guitar and bass playing in the legendary psychedelic rock bands Spacin’ and Birds of Maya. Besides that he just might be one of the chillest dudes in the entire Philadelphia region. He’s got a whole community center named after this peaceful attitude. He’s also got a knack for bringing an Arkestra, much like Sun Ra, when the timing is all good and right. One time he had a whole Jamandala set up in a sculpture garden in East Kensington and all the neighbors came out to play and meditate. Actually that happened twice. Another time he set up this group of twenty or so musicians called the Mega Jam Booze Band on the Institute of Contemporary Art’s outdoor porch and blew a fuze somewhere in the basement. For Blues & Haikus, he’s probably got something more toned down planned, but you can expect some absolute Harmonica Dan-style head nodding and synchronistic poetic accompaniments to come out of it.