Random Concerts:

Kevin Greenspon

Ben Warfield

Hallowed Bells
Wednesday, September 9th 7-10pm

Show at 8.



Kevin Greenspon’s history as a mindful and concise composer of graceful ambient compositions for guitar, synthesizer and cassette tape reach for new horizons on his newest release. “To Leave A Mark” stitches the ethereal atmosphere of previous work with rhythmic elements of techno, noise and pop music. On his 2015 U.S. tour, each song’s performance is synchronized to rapid-cut video projections that melt into abstract pools, coaxing the viewer into a state of self-reflection.

A veteran of the oft-fragmented DIY scene that stretches from Los Angeles into parts unknown and overlooked, Greenspon has performed an average of 100 shows annually on national tours over the past 5 years in venues ranging from art museums to abandoned naval bases. Rarely slowing the pace when at home, he also runs the Bridgetown Records label, releasing sizable batches of albums for like-minded peers from the deep reaches of the underground each season.

unnamedBen Warfield balances his time between crafting, recording and performing ambient electronic music as both a counterpoint and embodiment of his other self, a key member of a local neuroscience research team studying the biological effects of light on humans.


Hallowed Bells is the project of Philadelphia-based musicians Alison Stout and Darian Scatton, creating electronic songs-without-words that weave together sweet, lyrical melodies, dissonant harmonies, and mesmerizing noisescapes. Using a setup dominated by old analog and homemade synths, they perform nearly everything live on hardware, constructing loops, sequences, and analog synth patches in real time. With its shimmering tones, twinkling lights and archaic technology, the music of Hallowed Bells reveals a dreamworld that evokes the retro-futuristic mysticism of a Russian cosmist painting.



‘Diggin Deep: A Plant Medicine  Workshop Series at RTR

‘Diggin Deep is a Plant Medicine Workshop Summer Series located (most of the time) in the backyard oasis of The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop.

June 7 – Spring Tonics, Wild Foods and Adaptogens

Healing medicine is all around us! Learn how to identify common wild edible and medicinal plants as we walk through Liberty Lands and the surrounding neighborhood outside the Random Tea Room. We’ll be discussing common edible plants like dandelion, burdock, cleavers, chickweed, and nettles, share recipes and samples, and discuss herbal preparations to support wellness throughout the spring and summer seasons – including support for common seasonal ills like allergies, sluggish digestion, stress, and exhaustion.

June 21 – Plant Spirit Meditation
Through exploratory, hands-on games and guided meditations with live plants, teas and flower essences, we’ll explore how to cultivate our sensory capacity to receive insight from the plants. A unique day of delving deep into the esoteric and experiential, this workshop will have you questioning just how communicative plants really are! Quiet your mind, re-ignite your intuition, and open yourself up to receive teachings from the plant world! (Participants will take home a plant to work with from City Planter).
July 5 – Herbal First Aid
Burns, sprains, fevers, aches, upset stomachs – learn how to use herbs to remedy simple first aid complaints. We’ll be discussing plants that every herbal first aid kit should have on hand and discuss how to build a useful kit.
July 19 – Food as Medicine – Preparing Healing Cuisine
Learn to support your body, spirit, and mind by harmonizing your diet with the seasons. Based on the principles and energetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we’ll explore which foods and herbs to rely upon and share recipes for creating healing and delicious dishes and explore the medicinal properties of many commonly found kitchen herbs and spices already at your stove-side!
August 9 – Natural Bodycare
What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it! Learn how to make natural body care products that uplift the senses with natural scents and are devoid of harsh chemicals and dyes. We’ll explore recipes for making tooth powder, natural deodorant, herbal massage oils, and salves.
August 23 – Plant Energetics
A nuts-and-bolts type of class, this workshop will ground our understanding of herbs in the language of traditional Western herbalism, energetics (hot – cold – damp – dry), and tissue states, giving us a scientific and intuitive framework for working with new and familiar plants. We’ll learn how to classify an herb’s actions in the body, learn various physical conditions, and create a continuum of comparison for working with plants – i.e. what’s hotter ginger or cayenne – and how is this important? A great class for those looking to blend the scientific and the intuitive aspects of learning.
The herbalists of yore based their knowledge of healing upon a joint understanding of the planets and the plants, often making elaborate tables of correspondences that associated each planet with a mineral, stone, color, herb, etc. In this class, we’ll learn the archetypes of each planet and astrological sign and how this can illuminate our understanding of plant energetics and how to work with them on the emotional and spiritual realm. We’ll taste tinctures of plants under the sign of their rulership and enjoy time for reflection, meditation, and sharing.